Write & Wonder

Exploring + Writing + Educating

Paris, France. Summer 2019.

Growing up in Appalachian Mountains, I explored the world around me through good books. After spending a year teaching in Eastern Europe, I currently live as a writer and educator in New York City. With stories still at the core of everything I love and see as good, beautiful, and true, my goal in both my career and life is to find ways to tell good stories and educate others through the creative arts.

Recent Work

I am currently open to freelance writing opportunities about good stories, education, travels, and more:

→ creative literacy

I believe everyone should get equal access to learning to read and write and creative methods and curriculum are essential.

→ international + bilingual education

As an English teacher, I want to imagine a world where classrooms are filled with international perspectives and language learning.

→ nontraditional education

After-school programs, libraries, museums, summer camps are classrooms, too, and are often the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

What I’m Learning These Days

I am currently getting my Masters in Education at Teachers College at Columbia University. I’m studying Curriculum and Teaching, and focusing on creative literacy curriculum and reading programs for international/bilingual students in addition to academic design for nonprofits, after-school, and nontraditional education programs.